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A Story of Growth, Learning, and Giving Back

In the heart of the Riverland, Dominic Smith is more than just a farmer; he’s the visionary behind Pundi Bitters. Since its inception in 2014, Dominic’s deep-seated passion for the great outdoors and his commitment to excellence have shaped our mission: to cultivate, market, and distribute the finest native foods. Our beginnings were humble, rooted in commercial farming, yet a desire for sustainability and a connection to indigenous heritage guided Dominic towards native crops. This decision wasn’t just about farming—it was about honoring the land and its original stewards.


Dominic’s journey is one of constant evolution. With a profound respect for the environment, he has embraced aquaponics, a method that mirrors his philosophy of minimal impact for maximum yield. This approach is not only kinder to our planet, utilizing less water, land, and labor, but also stands as a testament to Dominic’s innovative spirit and dedication to conservation.


However, Pundi Bitters is more than an agricultural endeavor. It’s a platform for empowerment and education, especially for the young indigenous people in our community. Dominic’s farm serves as a fertile training ground, imparting agricultural skills and fostering a sense of ownership and connection to the land.

Connecting to nature is connecting to country

The narrative of Pundi Bitters is taking a new, exciting turn. Dominic, having recently completed a nursing degree, is expanding his vision to encompass holistic community health. By integrating sustainable farming practices with animal husbandry therapy, we aim to address mental health in a comprehensive, nurturing manner. This holistic approach underscores our belief in the healing power of nature and the importance of caring for both the land and its people.


Our vision extends beyond immediate agricultural and health benefits. We’re passionate about nurturing the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. Dominic is committed to developing programs that teach not only farming but also the essential skills of entrepreneurship and business development. These programs are designed for young individuals from all walks of life, equipping them with the knowledge and tools to either enter the business world or venture into their own entrepreneurial endeavors.


At the core of our mission is a drive for socio-economic change in rural Australia. We believe that by fostering knowledge, innovation, and a sense of purpose, we can make a significant impact on mental health and community well-being. Our goal is to inspire young people to envision a future beyond their current circumstances, where their contributions can lead to a healthier, more prosperous community.


In every seed planted, lesson taught, and life touched, Pundi Bitters embodies a commitment to growth, learning, and giving back. Join us on this journey as we continue to cultivate a better future for our land, our people, and our communities.

Ancient Wisdom. Modern Technology. Purposeful Produce.

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Nature is the most available, wondrous stress relief. And it’s free! Smelling the earth, digging the dirt, watching wildlife, gazing at the clouds is all revitalising. The simple act of planting and tending a tree is not just calming, it’s curing. The growth and new life of the tree inspires growth and new life in us too. – “Lion Writing”

Native bush foods are growing swimmingly at Pundi Produce

Indigenous farmer, Dominic Smith, is cleverly using aquaponics to meet the growing demand for Australia's native bush foods.

Indigenous producers unable to meet market demand for native foods

Farmers are unable to keep up with the market demand for Indigenous foods as consumer and manufacturer interest in the nutrient-rich bush foods ramps up.

Australia: Native bush foods are growing swimmingly at Pundi Produce

Growing up on the NSW South Coast, Yuin man Dominic Smith always had a love of nature and growing things.

Pundi Produce joins Outback Spirit in Caring for Country

This year OSF began working closely with Pundi Produce in the Riverland of South Australia.

Fast food given new meaning at Monash

In just nine weeks, Monash grower Dominic Smith, with the help of mentor Andrew de Dezsery from 1Aquaponics, has established an aquaponics system and begun harvesting fresh produce.


While Dom Smith may describe himself as a ‘jack of all trades’, he seems more of a master to me.

Native ag+food accelerator program underway

Australia’s first accelerator program specifically designed for start-ups operating in the native ag+food sector is working with 12 early stage native food and agriculture businesses across Australia.

New accelerator launched to fast track Australia’s native food production

Australia’s first program focused on native bushfoods has launched with a cohort of 12 early stage native food and agriculture businesses selected from more than 50 applicants across the country.

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